8 Time World Champion

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This is the only book on the market that tells the true story of how Fred Whitfield carved his path to being an 8-time World Champion. This is a great read and makes a great gift for the rodeo fan in your life.

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Here is an exert from Chapter 2 in the book. 

Chapter Two

We Just Wanted To Be Cowboys

 Fred begins with stories of living with his beloved grandfather, Edward Whitfield, for most of his young life. It was he, “Big Papa,” who gave Fred and his brother their first horses…


My grandpa got me and my brother each a little black Shetland pony and we named them Trigger and Stud. We didn’t have saddles and in the summer time we rode them so much that the hair was missing off their backs. We roped off of ‘em with old poly ropes that Roy had thrown away, and we didn’t have bridles so we had a rope tied around their necks. We wore shorts and didn’t have no shoes on and looked like a couple of wild little Africans on black ponies with the hair missing off their backs, roping anything that moved. I’m not bullshitting when I say Trigger and Stud were trained roping horses.

Before Roy got his arena, we had a buddy named Ollie Ross who lived down the road and that’s where we roped.  Big-deal roping people would come there too and when they did, they’d always watch us rope off them Shetland ponies. We’d run up there with a string in our mouth and rope a calf and these freakin’ little horses would stop calves as quick as a big horse and we’d run down there and tie ’em. Trigger and Stud would work the end of the rope like a full grown horse. To those white boys with the best of everything, two wild black kids roping off black ponies using strings and cords and ropes others had thrown away – and  doing it as good as they did – was quite a sight.